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Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in our research survey. We value your feedback.

CloudICT is a start-up enterprise and your assistance here will not only help us plan our exciting direction but give you valuable feedback on enterprises adoption of Cloud Computing and their future intentions.

We know your time is valuable and although this is a vast subject, we have kept the survey to approximately 3 minutes. All information is confidential to CloudICT and the individual details will not be shared to any third parties.

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Your background

Senior management?

Number of employees responsible for?

Which Department?

Are you knowledgeable of Cloud Computing?

Company name?

Company employees?

Company industry?

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Where do you feel your company fits?

Willing to adopt new technology to save money
Prefer to cut back on new technology to save money
Would consider themselves early adopters of new technologies

Does your company use Cloud Computing?

Was the Cloud Computing project that you undertook successful?

What level has your company adopted Cloud Computing technology?

Do you intend to increase the use of Cloud Computing?

Does your company trust internal IT systems over cloud-based technologies and it’s too soon to make any changes
Does your company plan on integrating any form of Cloud Computing in the next 12 months?
Do you agree that cloud computing is the real deal and it is seen as a viable technology option?

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Cloud Computing Benefits

Do you agree with the perceived benefits below of adopting Cloud Computing technology?

Cloud Computing reduces upfront costs
Cloud Computing helps the company be more flexible
Cloud Computing allows the company to focus on it's core business
Cloud Computing helps the company react more quickly to market conditions and competition
Cloud Computing facilitates access to the latest technologies
Cloud Computing provides the ability to immediately tap computing power and software

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Cloud Computing Issues

Before the adoption of Cloud Computing becoming prevalent in your company, do you see the need for any internal hurdles to be overcome?

How long do you reckon before Cloud technologies will be adopted throughout your company?

If so what are these key barriers? (select all applicable)

What is/were the importance of these issues to you, when looking at such a shift to cloud base services? (select all applicable)

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Which Cloud Computing Platform

Are you familiar with the cloud computing classifications below? (select all applicable)

Has your company implemented - or is considering or planning on implementing - cloud based services?

If so which? (select all applicable)

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Public Cloud Computing Vendors

Which of the following public Cloud Computing vendors does your company currently use or plan on using over the next 12 months? (select all applicable)

use expect to use
SalesForce /
SUN Microsystems
ServePath Gogrid
xcalibre / Flexiscale
Don't know

1. choose multiple vendors from the dropdown list
2. highlight vendor and hit return key then choose next
3. add vendors not-listed with a space between each

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Public and Private Cloud Computing Usage

What does your company use - or expect to use - public Cloud Computing and/or internal Cloud Computing for? (select all applicable)

use expect to use
Productivity Applications: (Office apps, email etc.)
Business Applications: (CRM, SaaS, etc.)
IT Management: (Backups etc)
Infrastructure on-demand: (Storage, network, server etc.)
Collaboration Applications
Application development/deployment platform
Finance Applications
Core Business Applications
Legacy Applications
Don't know

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Cloud Roadmap

Do you expect Cloud Computing adoption will introduce new suppliers to your organisation?
Do you expect the migration to Cloud Computing will bring additional complexities in overall management of IT resources?
Do you consider that Cloud Computing could result in a smaller IT department?
Would a service that simplified that the adoption of Cloud Computing technologies be of interest to you?

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